Timber Decking

Timber Decking is a contemporary and practical addition to a home.

WR Timbers supplies a range of quality hardwood kiln dried decking timbers for all applications.

As a Deck is going to be exposed to the weather it is essential that a suitable type of timber is chosen for both the decking boards and the structural supports.

A Hardwood is preferable as it has the durability to stand the test of time. Australian species are ideally suited to Australian conditions.

Our timber experts are able to advise and help with any decking project whether it be for domestic or commercial use.

Solid Australian Timber Decking

Spotted Gum




Red Gum


Silver Top Ash

Benefits of Solid Timber Decking

  • Natural durability
    Australian grown hardwoods are attractive, durable and renewable, and can weather the harshest Australian conditions.
  • Add value to your home.
    Historically the most popular form of decking, hardwood timber decking will expand your home's living space and enrich your lifestyle.
  • Various colours, sizes and applications
    Decking can be manufactured to specification.

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Merbau Timber Decking

Merbau is an oil-based hardwood timber, commonly grown in Phillipines, Fiji, Indonesia, and other parts of South East Asia. It is most often used for outdoor decking, but is a versatile timber that has many other applications, such as fencing, engineering, construction, outdoor furniture or decorative features.

Merbau has a yellowish/orange-brown when initially cut, but turns darker with age to a more reddish-brown. Grain is variable, while texture is coarse but even.

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Benefits of Merbau Decking

  • Natural, versatile product from a renewable resource
    The merbau wood naturally contains oil to ensure your decking looks beautiful for longer.
  • Natural durability
    The timber has a high resistance to splintering, shrinkage and rotting when elevated off the ground, and looks beautiful with a stain or polish finish. With proper installation and maintenance you can expect Merbau decking to have a very long life span, between 25-50 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get decking in set lengths?
Most decking is only available in random lengths. Dependant on the inquiry if we can supply set lengths or not.
How much waste should I allow?
Normally work on 10%
What gaps should I leave between boards?
For 86mm deck leave 4-5mm, for 135mm leave 7-9mm
Which is better, nailing or screwing the decking down?
We recommend screwing it down, as they lock it down, nails tend to come out over time.
How often do I have to oil the decking?
This depends on the environment that it is in. Full weather or under roof. And the quality of the finished used. On average once a year.
How long will the timber last?
As long as the decking is cared for with oiling it should last over 30 years.
Can you deliver?
Yes, on our crane truck.

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