Timber Flooring

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Timber Decking

Timber Decking is a contemporary and practical addition to a home.

WR Timbers supplies a range of quality hardwood kiln dried decking timbers for all applications.

As a Deck is going to be exposed to the weather it is essential that a suitable type of timber is chosen for both the decking boards and the structural supports.

A Hardwood is preferable as it has the durability to stand the test of time. Australian species are ideally suited to Australian conditions.

Our timber experts are able to advise and help with any decking project whether it be for domestic or commercial use.

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Furniture & Joinery Timber

WR Timbers has a range of specialty and exotic timbers specifically graded to furniture standards.

We understand that the dimensional stability and appearance is of paramount importance for the manufacture of furniture.

All of our timber is kiln dried, kept indoors, and is of the highest quality.

In addition to the list below, just about any timber can be sourced upon request.

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Structural Timber

WR Timbers provides a wide range of Structural Timber such as:

  • Structural Pine Framing & Beams
  • Structural Treated Pine
  • Particleboard Flooring
  • Engineered Structural Products – LVL & I beams
  • F17 Structural Hardwood
  • External Lightweight Cladding Products – Weatherboard & Foam
  • Prefab Wall Frames & Trusses
  • Cypress Pine Posts

Wharf & Bridge Timber

We supply large section sizes up to 300 x 300 for use in bridges, wharfs, jetties, wharf decks and bearer joists, fence posts, natural posts, rails, power poles, verandah posts, bollards and landscape sleepers.

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Timber Bench Tops

Manufactured by our quality craftsmen using state of the art machinery and processes, WR Timbers can provide custom timber benchtops in a wide range of stunning timber species. All timber used is thoroughly kiln dried to provide the most stable of production materials for your benchtop.

The durability, warmth and natural characteristics of a solid timber benchtop make it a practical and stylish choice across a range of applications in your home extending from kitchen, bathroom, laundry and furniture options and will always compliment and enhance any interior design.

Customise for any requirement and size

Solid timber benchtops can be manufactured to specific customer requirements and sizes to include waterfall ends, appliance cut outs and edge profiling. Tops can be supplied in a raw finish sanded to 120 grit or polished in our standard 30% gloss two pack polyurethane finish. Available in standard thicknesses of 32mm & 38mm, other thicknesses are available on request.

Why choose WR Timbers?

WR Timbers are renowned for the quality of our finished product having serviced both commercial and residential clients for over 15 years through the manufacture of 1000’s of custom timber benchtops, always maintaining our extremely high and exacting standards.

Please contact our qualified staff for a free no obligation quote for a beautiful solid timber benchtop guaranteed to provide that ‘wow’ factor for your new project or renovation.

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Timber Stair Components

WR Timbers supplies Stair Treads, Stringers, Risers, Winders and Trims for Internal & External Staircases. All Timber Stair Components are Made-To-Order and can be delivered to location.

WR Timbers also supplies quality seasoned timber to Staircase Manufacturers in raw blanks.

If the Timber you require is not listed below please Contact Us.

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Timber Cladding

Timber Cladding is now being used in the contemporary design of many buildings as it integrates the building with the environment.

Modern cladding is manufactured with square edged profiles and can be used in either horizontal or vertical designs.

WR Timbers has the ability to source most of the timber species that you might need. If the Timber you require is not listed below please Contact Us.

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Timber Lining Boards

Solid Sawn Timber Lining Boards are available in a range of forms; Rectangular Timber Sections, Tongue and Groove boards and Mouldings.

Western Red Cedar Timber is often used for Lining & Panelling and is readily available from WR Timbers.

WR Timbers has the ability to source most of the timber species that you might need. If the Timber you require is not listed below please Contact Us.

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Machining is also known as Dressing, or in laymans terms; making the timber smooth.

WR Timbers can provide timber that has been dressed all round (DAR), in any size. Not just the standard sizes.

WR Timbers can Machine timber Skirting Boards, Architraves, Pencil Round Timbers and Specialized Joinery Products just to name a few.

We can Machine timber to any profile required. We make our own cutting knives and as such have the ability to create any size moulding that is needed.

All timber is Machined to order and to exact Architectural Specifications.

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