Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does WR Timbers sell timber direct to the public or just to Builders and Architects?

We will sell timber to anyone wanting to purchase timber!

Q. Do I have to buy full packs of timber from WR Timbers?

No. We are happy to split packs.

Q. Is all Timber available in different grades?

Most timbers are available in a few different grades. Standard, Select and Feature Grade are the most common.
For more information on Timber Grades please see the Article in our Knowledge Bank.

Q. Will the timber I buy be stable?

Being a natural product, all Timber moves to some degree. Dry conditions cause timber to shrink and moist or humid conditions will cause timber to expand.

Q. How hard is the timber that I am buying?

The Janka hardness test measures how hard a type of timber is. All Australian Timbers have a Janka Rating and some Imported Timbers are rated in this manner as well.
A Janka Rating of 2 indicates a Softwood while a Janka Rating of 15 indicates a very hard timber.

Q. How long will it take to make my benchtop?

You will need to allow at least 10 to 15 working days.

Q. Can you deliver my timber?

Yes we have a crane truck and deliver to all metropolitan areas. Country deliveries can be organised. Please speak to our sales staff for a quote on delivery to your area.

Q. Do you sell the accessories for laying a timber floor?

We can supply glue, trowels, plywood, splitz anchors and sub floor materials such as posts, concrete stumps, bearers and joists.

Q. Do you sell the accessories for laying a deck?

We can supply stainless steel screws, decking oil and applicators and sub floor materials such as posts joists and bearers. We also sell a range of stainless steel products such as wire and posts to compliment your deck.

Q. Can you dress the timber?

Yes we have a wide range of machining options available from dressed all round to sanding and running of profiles and mouldings.

Q. How do I clean my floor?

Use a damp mop not a wet mop. There are a range of products on the market.

Q. Do you sell EcoLogs Firewood?

All new EcoLogs are made from compressed sawdust collected from our saws and milling machines.
No glues or chemicals are used – we just apply enormous pressure to mould the wood shavings into usable firelogs which burn evenly and for a long time, leaving minimal ash!

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