WR Timbers has grown to become a leading supplier of Australian and Imported timbers. Wayne Reed, owner and founder has over 25 years of experience and expertise in the timber industry, supplying cabinet makers, shop fitters, furniture and staircase manufacturers, builders and owner builders.

Establishing WR Timbers in 1999 as an agent selling Jarrah in Melbourne, the business quickly expanded nationwide to include many varied products based on customer requests for specialised timbers.

Wayne’s understanding of his customer’s needs matched with his flexible approach saw his business evolve. Within the first year WR Timbers expanded to include a large range of furniture and joinery timbers.

By 2004, moving to larger premises and purchasing a moulder added to the services provided to include Dressed All Round timber (DAR) and their own profile mouldings in house, the added benefit being the total control of quality achieved to maintain the high expected standards on all customer orders.

Requests for alternative timber bench top suppliers saw WR Timbers evolve to include a distinctive range. This quickly expanded with the purchase of specialised machinery for the manufacture of timber bench tops. High standards of quality meant that WR Timbers quickly became and continues to be one of the leading suppliers to the cabinet making industry.

The demand for timber products is constantly changing and with this comes new challenges.

As timber flooring and staircase trends have evolved from basic species such as pine and Vic Ash, so too have the products and services that WR Timbers has mastered. Stair case manufacturers requested a wider range of timbers and expertise, WR Timbers adapted to these needs supplying laminated timber components in a diverse range timbers.

A comprehensive showroom displaying solid timber flooring such as parquetry, solid/strip and engineered flooring also adds to customer service and ease of choice at the WR Timbers premises.

Timber components manufactured for and used by shop fitters, builders and furniture manufacturers add to the growth of WR Timber’s business. As with most services offered, all components are manufactured to the customer’s specifications.

With a wide range of speciality and joinery timbers in stock and the resources to provide customers with a variety a quality timber products including flooring, decking, mouldings, bench tops, table tops, posts, stair treads and timber components, WR Timbers has evolved and continues to place importance on understanding customer needs and providing the highest level of quality and customer service. Through years of solid experience their expertise is second to none to offer solutions to a wide variey of commercial and domestic applications.